Here Are the 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies

For employees and employers alike, the future of work is being designed and assembled right now, so we are thrilled to be able to share the 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies, which identifies the best places for professionals to grow their careers and develop skills.

This year we’ve selected the top companies in 35 countries (up from 20 in 2021) across six continents. At a time when professionals everywhere are reconsidering where, when, and particularly why they work, the methodology for building the lists focuses on finding the best businesses for employees to grow their careers. And the timing is ideal as the current talent migration — the Great Reshuffle — presents companies with both a challenge and an opportunity.

And the LinkedIn Top Companies are seizing that opportunity by embracing flexible work (the top 50 U.S. companies, for example, currently have 70K+ remote jobs open), providing services that address employee well-being and mental health needs, and rolling out in-demand benefits like tuition assistance and backup dependent care. But the through line for so many Top Companies is the investments they’re making in the professional development of their workforces (see more below).

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