How founders can lead in times of crisis

Empower your team, get comfortable with not having all the answers, be vulnerable and listen to others.

Founders, now is the time to make bold moves in your leadership, reconnect to your purpose and get out of the way.

It is time to *finally* shift from the model of leadership that takes a top-down single-source approach to a model that promotes autonomy, collaboration and inclusion, as well as  empowering teams to adapt quickly.

As uncomfortable as it may feel, leaning on the authoritarian-based model, where you take full control and hold all the answers, is going to stagnate your business and not grow it. In remote environments, you can’t be everywhere and hear everything, so learning to let your team solve their own problems and drive the business collectively forwards is key.

Recently, I spoke with executive coach and founder Jerry Colonna. He said: “Unfortunately, our socialised structure reinforces the idea that people who have power have all the answers. Truly, however, the person who has the answers is the person who is closest to the problem.”

In my role as a leadership coach I have the unique perspective to witness what’s going on in multiple companies. For the last six months here’s the insight — no one has a playbook, and everyone is doing their best, but those that are thriving are following these four rules:

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