How Germany Has Worked Around Nord Stream Sanctions

Earlier this month, U.S. President Joe Biden went after Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a «killer.» Without question, the Biden administration’s rhetoric on Russia will be much harder than Trump’s was. But actions speak louder than words, and contrary to popular belief, the Trump administration’s policies on Russia were far from soft. Biden should take note.

A prominent example of this is Nord Stream 2, a Russian gas pipeline currently under construction that is supposed to run through the Baltic Sea. It will connect Russia directly to Germany, allowing it to supply gas directly to Western Europe. The pipeline is a danger to Eastern European nations who could be cut off from Russia’s gas supply while its Western European customers remain unaffected. Western Europe’s dependence on Russian gas will also increase. Under threat of U.S. sanctions from the Trump administration, construction on the project, which is already 90% complete, halted last year.

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