How leaders deal with failure?

Have you ever wondered what separates true leaders and followers? Is it their achievements? Is it their ambition? Is it the luck they may have had in their lives? Or the background that supported them on their effort to go far? None of the above are the reasons that our destiny evolves the way it is in each person’s life. They may play a significant role in the events’ turnover, but they don’t have the binding effect one might think they have. It is their perception of the world and the way they think. Otherwise, anyone who was born rich would manage to impact the world and vice versa. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin? History is full of examples of people who started low and managed to become very successful. It would also be unfair for today’s leaders to address all of their success in luck. Besides, believing that destiny is responsible for your life’s outcome will not help you approach your goals anyway. So, let’s see which are indeed these parameters that play an essential role and how finally some people make it.

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