How to future-proof your career

The job market is in constant flux; industries change or become obsolete and new technologies emerge and disrupt. In conversation with Jasmine VirhiaGrace Lordan explains what strategies we can put in place now to make sure we hone the business skills necessary to keep us relevant in the workplace in the future.

  1. Does the future of work look bright?

Grace is optimistic about the future of work. “People who are doing work that is routine or boring are going to be helped by technology. Physical labour is going to get easier on your physicality. Everything points to the fact we’re going to have machines substitutes for the harder bits, and complement the easier bits.” Grace’s concern comes in with how governments are responding, “governments aren’t doing enough to future-proof their population – in particular the transition period in the learning of skills. People need to live with a living wage while they’re upskilling for these fantastic jobs that will be created.”

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