How venture capital investment in deep tech can tackle climate change

-The world must speed up progress on tackling climate change if it is to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

-Venture capital investment can scale-up existing technologies to help reduce emissions.

-We highlight the work of companies that are using “deep tech” to advance sustainable solutions.

This is one of a series of articles written by Young Global Leaders with action-oriented ideas to improve the state of the world by 2030.

Solving climate change is like cleaning dirty laundry: the pile only gets smaller as we pick up and deal with each piece of clothing. No one solution – or even a handful of solutions – can stop the production of greenhouse gases (GHG) that cause global warming, or reverse the environmental damage already done to the planet, because we’ve built a whole civilization on burning or cracking hydrocarbons for energy and chemicals. There’s a lot of dirty laundry.

Instead, beating climate change will demand a wide variety of innovations, and the majority of society will be called upon to play their part. It won’t be easy. Academia will pursue discovery research to answer the great questions in life, material, and environmental sciences; legislators and regulators will supply laws and treaties that amplify demand for cleaner technologies; entrepreneurs and venture capitalists will commercialize and scale solutions to more sustainable energy, manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture.

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