Hunting Greek Unicorns: Building the future of female technology: A fireside chat with Eirini Rapti

Building the future of female technology, funding announcements, new VC fund, jobs, all things Beat and Geekbot, and more

Welcome to Hunting Greek Unicorns #19. I’m a startup guy based out of Greece, and every two weeks I will share news, jobs and more from the Greek startup ecosystem, and not only.

This week I’m excited to chat with Eirini Rapti, founder and CEO of inne, and deep dive into a really interesting female technology product. What is particularly exciting is how Eirini and her multidisciplinary team (headquartered in Berlin) are combining scientific validity with ease of use, in order to build the world’s first at-home fertility monitoring mini-lab using your saliva and empower women to understand their bodies. We discussed about:

  • what led her to inne and the science behind it
  • how the team manages to combine scientific validity together with a focus on design and ease-of-use; lessons learned and challenges
  • the future of female tech

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