Is bureaucracy chasing talent away from Europe?

This article is part of Scale Up Europe, an initiative with 150+ innovators brainstorming how Europe can propel its startups to the next level. In a series of interviews and deep-dives, Sifted is exploring the region’s most pressing and strategic questions.

“I used to live in Silicon Valley, and I wondered every day as I jogged in front of Google’s offices why it was that all the smart people were going there to work,” says Karoli Hindriks. “What would it take to get them to move to Tallinn instead?”

The Estonian entrepreneur’s question about her hometown is the multibillion-euro question the rest of Europe is still trying to crack.

Hindriks founded her startup Jobbatical in response five years ago, selling a service to help international hires relocate. But others in Europe have their own ideas on what the region should do to boost its ability to attract top global candidates, and diversify its talent pool in tech and entrepreneurship.

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