Is it a cold or COVID-19? An expert explains

-COVID-19 restrictions are being eased as the northern hemisphere enters winter cold and flu season, meaning more cases of the common cold.

-But research in the UK shows COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to the common cold.

-So, how can you tell the difference?

-Here, genetic epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector explains the latest data and what you need to know.

In February this year, as the UK was still under tight COVID-19 restrictions, cases of seasonal flu dropped to zero.

Now the country, like much of the northern hemisphere, is entering the cold and flu season with few to no COVID-19 restrictions in place – and seasonal respiratory illnesses are making a comeback.

In the week to 3 October, calls to the UK’s National Health Service and GP consultations for upper and lower respiratory tract infections rose more than normal, a phenomenon that was also seen in Hong Kong in October last year, once schools and nurseries reopened.

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