It’s 2022. Do You Know Your Purpose?

Time To Discover It  

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”-Buddha

You can see it among the populace. It is behind the fake smiles and the happy comments on social media. It exists within the pit of many, a void that no matter what, cannot be filled. More importantly, you may have felt it yourself.

The gaping whole.

The abyss.

The lacking that cannot be addressed.

In a world of abundance and where everything and everyone seems to be a swipe away, the most important possession still eludes us.

It isn’t the latest iPhone.

It isn’t the newest video game.

It isn’t swag or bravado.

It isn’t opportunity or talent or resources.

It is purpose, true purpose.

And try as you might, you can’t fake this.

Purpose is the one true thing we can call our own. While our possessions can be lost, our friendships weakened and eventually forgotten, our titles taken away, purpose is something that can never be stolen from us. It is something that is unique to each and every one of us.

But it is missing in so many. The multitude are lacking the one possession that can truly change their lives, and even their society, for the better.

Instead, purpose has been replaced. In some it is filled by addiction to bad habits. In others it is filled with endless content, further dulling themselves into oblivion. Worst of all, many have found a false purpose and this has led them to fall prey to the machinations and manipulations of others. With the coming metaverse, the danger will only increase.

It is enough pressure to make even the strongest among us fall prey to the stresses and the inevitable lingering questions that fill us with dread and lead to an emptiness of existence.

What must I do?

Why am I here?

What is the point?

What does this all mean?

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