J’Accuse Erdogan

The weaker Recep Tayyip Erdogan is at home politically, the longer the list of the Turkish President’s transgressions gets.

Western democracies have made it their hallmark to preserve human rights and other crucial freedoms such as the rule of law, as well as respect for international norms of conduct.

In dealing with Turkey’s President Erdogan, the EU and the United States have forsaken their values by allowing Erdogan to run wild with impunity.

How Erdogan ticks

Under such circumstances, accommodating Erdogan is no longer an option. An eternal “pressurer” himself, the only language he understands is counter-pressure.

Simply put, Erdogan doesn’t get the idea of “carrots” since he deems anything like that signs of “respect,” not inducements for better behavior.

The irony is that Erdogan evidently does not understand that he is constantly digging a deeper hole for himself. The national economy is in shambles and won’t improve as a result of Erdogan’s megalomaniac foreign policy pipe dreams.

While Erdogan fancies that these largely neo-Ottoman “grand designs” will help him reconnect with voters, the opposite is the case.


A preliminary list of Erdogan’s transgressions

For evidence, it is useful to assemble the list of transgressions that seem to be the only category Erdogan still seems to “excel” in.

Most fundamentally, Erdogan is violating every article of human rights in his own country, while being keen on destabilizing other countries by exploiting their weaknesses and resources in order to promote his nationalist agenda.

I count altogether 13 specific major transgressions:

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