Kate Smaje: Why businesses must act faster than ever on digitization

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been talking about how COVID-19 will transform the future of business at large, as well as industries from foodinsurance, and hospital care to parcel delivery and packaging.

Now, we are expanding that conversation by serving as the presenting partner of CNBC’s new franchise, “Our New Future.”

The series explores the lasting effects of COVID-19 and the new business landscape it presents. A core piece of the partnership for us is the ability to share insights on five areas of opportunity we believe are critical for leading in The Next Normal: digital, transformation, organization, resilience, and sustainability.

The partnership kicked off this week with the first of these topics—digital—as Kate Smaje, a senior partner who co-leads McKinsey Digital, explained how COVID-19 has been the greatest impetus for behavioral change in our lifetime. We spoke to Kate about why businesses must act faster than ever before, creating the cultural shifts required to enable truly digital organizations, and her work leading digital transformations—for clients and our firm alike.

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