Leaving a Corporate Job to Become Independent

Twenty years ago this month, I packed up the personal belongings from my desk into a box and left the corporate world. It was both scary and exciting! I’ve learned a ton over the past two decades based on my own experience as well as talking with many others who have done the same.

Here are a few observations if you’re considering venturing out on your on now or in the future

Safe is too risky

People often tell me that they would like to go solo but they like the “safety” of working for a big company. But how safe is a corporate job? I’ve spoken with many people who were let go from their job because of a change in the market, a downturn in the economy, or as the result of their company being acquired.

There’s no such thing as lifetime employment. And there is no such thing as a safe job.

However, there is relative safety if you work for yourself, which brings me to the idea of income diversity.

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