Look Around. Calm. Relax.

“Lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu.”

It’s Friday, and I get to go a bit off-piste. This morning the Porridge is very different – looking at how we are rather than what is happening. Over the weekend I’m going to try and work out exactly what the mob-markets in the US mean – it’ more than just insignificant noise. But meantime… it’s time to step back… relax, stop worrying and …

Breathe deep… 

She-who-is-Mrs-Blain and I are currently sharing a proper office in our village while our house is being redeveloped. It’s fascinating and its hard. But, its working very well despite being together 24/7.  We are careful not to disturb each other but try to complement one another. We both think we’re more productive and more focused. Not doing the commute to London means I don’t face a daily battle with Notwork Rail and Southern Railpark, which has greatly improved my blood pressure.

We are strictly confidential about anything we overhear – we have each spent a fortune on noise cancelling headphones. That said, I don’t think she would be particularly interested in any of the deals I am working on.

On the other hand, I actually stopped and listened to a presentation she gave yesterday to her colleagues within a London fund management company.

She wasn’t berating anyone for anything, or demanding action on particular projects or delivery of promised goals.

She simply stopped the planet for a few moments.

She talked clearly, honestly and lucidly about the current work, rest and play situation as lockdowns continue and the pandemic stalks the land. She talked about communication, how to listen and how to be kind. She was open and transparent – and very brave to say all the things that scare so many of us: “Am I coping? Do I look strong? If I look weak, am I at risk?”

This morning I’m going to largely ignore the ongoing market madness, and write about the many issues She-Who-Is-Mrs-Blain talked about yesterday. From the mightiest hedge fund magnate to the recently graduated interns who are on the Morning Porridge distribution list, I hope the following might help put things into some sort of perspective and maybe even help a few readers to recognise problems.

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