Magnetizable Concrete in Roads Could Charge Electric Cars While You Drive

One of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption is the fear of running out of juice before you get to your destination. Roads that can charge your vehicle as you drive could be a solution, and they may be getting closer.

Rapid improvements in battery technology have seen the range of electric vehicles creep steadily upwards in recent years. But most still fall far short of gasoline-powered cars in this regard, and they take significantly longer to refuel if they do run dry.

One solution that has been discussed for many years is the idea of embedding some kind of charging technology in roads so that vehicles can charge their batteries as they drive. Most schemes envisage using the same kind of technology as the wireless chargers you can buy to top up your smartphone.

Revamping thousands of miles of highway with high-tech charging equipment is obviously no trifling matter, though, and so far progress has been slow. But recent developments suggest that the idea might be gaining traction and edging closer to commercial reality.

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