Make Time To Do Your Best Work

Saying No is Rare.
Right now, you may be feeling a little stressed. That stress is mostly coming from trying to do too many things, and not getting satisfaction from doing them as good as you can.

To change that you will have to learn how to say ‘No’ to things. Saying ‘No’ will allow you to have more time to do things well. You can’t do everything to the best of your talent. But you can do a few things to your highest ability.

To do your best work, you have to choose what you are going to be crap at. For me, it was email.

Instead of replying to emails, I spend my time on things that will push my businesses forward. My return on my time invested is greater there. Yes, I will miss some important emails, and therefore opportunities. But that is a small opportunity cost of doing your best work.

The busy fool doesn’t lack effort. But focus.

Also, accept that multitasking is a lie. Multi-tasking relies on you giving partial attention to many things. That is not a formula for doing great work. Multitasking is the delivery method for average work. Avoid.

To do your best work, you have to give it all your attention.

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