Multipotentialite: The Happiness Dilemma

The Four Part Divergent Thinking Framework For Clarity, Purpose, And Peace Of Mind

Some of the unhappiest people I have met in my life are highly ambitious multipotentialites.


Because they know they have massive potential but they’re completely stuck. 

I’ve been there for long periods throughout my career.

Having the desire, and the ability, but lacking the clarity to take action is one of life’s cruellest ironies.

Multipotentialites often believe they are lazy —or broken —or both!!!

But it’s not motivation they are lacking; it’s clarity. 

Every multipotentialite wants purpose and meaning.

I see it in every 1:1 client session.

It’s why we spend so much time overthinking our career options and getting stuck in the divergent thinking paradox.

We are constantly coming up with:

new business ideas

new creative projects

new concepts and innovative ideas

We are seeking purpose and identity because we feel lost without them.

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