Next generation eats: A look at top 3D printed food companies

No longer on the fringe, companies making 3D printed foods and food 3D printers are poised to take on traditional markets with everything from 3D printed meats grown in a lab to 3D printed chocolate art.

Truly appetizing meat alternatives, gorgeous sugar creations, and sculptural chocolates are attracting consumers and investors to the top companies in 3D printed food today, not the fact that these products are 3D printed.

In fact, 3D printing is just another type of extrusion – and you’ve been eating extruded foods for decades, think Cheetos, Goldfish, and hotdogs. So it’s no wonder that 3D printed food companies, especially in the meat alternative sector, are flourishing.

With the explosion of companies and startups in 3D printed food, chances are high that meat and other extruded foods will become major players in the grocery market in the near future.

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