Peter Diamandis: The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities

The XPRIZE founder breaks down the longevity opportunity, Bitcoin’s bull case and Musk vs. Bezos.

The XPRIZE Foundation has a straightforward pitch: it organizes competitions in which the winning team gets a large cash prize for innovation breakthroughs.

Since launching its first competition in 1996, XPRIZE has awarded ~$300m including:

  • $10m to invent a suborbital spaceflight craft (this was the first prize and the technology was licensed by Richard Branson to start his space tourism company, Virgin Galactic)
  • $15m to create an open-source education software to teach children basic skills
  • $20m to convert CO2 into products

Who is the mind behind XPRIZE?

Peter Diamandis: a graduate of MIT and Harvard Medical School, the 60-year old has spent decades at the cutting edge of technology. His efforts have attracted the leading minds in innovation with James Cameron, Larry Page and Ray Kurzweil all on the XPRIZE board.

Earlier this year, Diamandis partnered with Elon Musk on a $100m XPRIZE for carbon removal technology.

In addition to founding the XPRIZE, Diamandis co-founded Singularity University, runs a $500m VC fund and has launched 20+ companies in the longevity, space, and education industries. He also writes extensively on innovation (check out his newsletter here).

An area that Diamandis is spending more time on is human longevity, which he believes is one of the world’s biggest business opportunities (“if you want to make a billion dollars, help a billion people”).

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