Poll Shows Social Distancing and Masks to Continue Despite COVID-19 Vaccination

-Expert says variants likely causing people to proceed with caution as survey shows more than 75% to continue wearing a mask and practicing social distancing even after COVID-19 vaccination

-Germany and the U.S. have the largest proportions saying they will not continue or haven’t been wearing a mask

-Confidence in returning to restaurants, sporting events, and flying varies widely between countries; only 1 in 3 in Japan will attend sporting events, while nearly all Italians are ready to eat in restaurants

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Geneva, Switzerland, A majority of adults said they are likely to continue socially distancing and wearing a mask in public even if they are vaccinated against COVID-19. However, confidence in returning to sporting events, eating in restaurants, flying and using public transport is mixed across countries.

These findings come from a new IPSOS/World Economic Forum survey that polled some 12,500 people. It was conducted between June 3-6, 2021, in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In each of these nine countries, more than 75% say that, assuming they have received a vaccine for COVID-19, they definitely will continue or may continue socially distancing from others in public places. Depending on the country, between six and eight in ten say they definitely will continue or may continue wearing a mask in public.

Genya Dana, Head of Health and Healthcare at the World Economic Forum said: “The spread of the delta variant is likely causing people to take a pause and proceed with caution. In this dynamic and changing public health situation it is even more important for trusted sources to be providing timely and locally relevant information.”

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