Putin: Master of Hybrid Wars?

All wars are hybrid, but war — and the notion of hybrid — have changed

The expression “hybrid war” was first made fashionable by Frank Hoffman in 2007. It took on wider significance following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. However, currently it is suffering from overuse.

Not everything is war

For starters, not everything is war, or a hybrid war, for that matter — despite the fact that we live in hybrid times.

Consider what is happening on the border between Belarus and Poland. Immigrants and refugees were brought into the border region from Iraq and elsewhere by Lukashenko.

This act may be described as a “weapon of mass immigration”, as Mark Leonard has done in his book “The Age of Unpeace”. Resorting to this tool as a means of foreign policy is a “grey area” of power politics. But it is not a war, not even a hybrid one.

This is true, even though Russia hovers in the background. This is a nation that is highly adept in the terrain between war and peace.

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