Recalculating the future of drug development with quantum computing

Two experts discuss how quantum computing can help solve intractable problems in drug discovery and development.

Quantum computing (QC) is a fundamentally different computing approach based on the laws of quantum mechanics, which allows certain computations to be performed far more quickly and efficiently than traditional computing does and therefore holds enormous potential for the pharmaceutical industry. Recognizing the game-changing nature of this approach, leading pharma companies are setting up quantum task forces and investing significant sums to explore the application of quantum computers and software to chemistry and biology. McKinsey’s Anna Katharina Heid and Ivan Ostojic asked Chad Edwards, product lead at Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC), and Lucas Siow, CEO and cofounder of biotech company ProteinQure, to share their insights into how specialist start-ups like theirs are working with pharma companies.

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