Reimagining customer engagement for the AI bank of the future

Banks can meet rising customer expectations by applying AI to offer intelligent propositions and smart servicing that can seamlessly embed in partner ecosystems.

From instantaneous translation to conversational interfaces, artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies are making ever more evident impacts on our lives. This is particularly true in the financial-services sector, where challengers are already launching disruptive AI-powered innovations. To remain competitive, incumbent banks must become “AI first” in vision and execution, and as discussed in our previous article,1 this means transforming the full capability stack, including the engagement layer, AI-powered decision making, core technology and data infrastructure, and operating model. If fully integrated, these capabilities can strengthen engagement significantly, supporting customers’ financial activities across diverse online and physical contexts with intelligent, highly personalized solutions delivered through an interface that is intuitive, seamless, and fast. These are the baseline expectations for an AI bank.

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