Startups are now building Europe’s biggest factories

Across Europe, young startups are revealing plans to cover the continent in ginormous factories that they say will play a key role in the green industrial revolution.

If successful, these ambitious projects could not only produce the volume of electric car batteries and sustainable construction materials the continent needs to achieve net zero, but it could reignite the fortunes of forgotten towns across Europe.

In July, Britishvolt —  a car battery maker founded in 2019 — received planning permission to start construction on the UK’s first ‘gigafactory’ in Northumberland. The 235-acre operation will take over the site of a former power station, and is expected to bring 3k new jobs with it.

That same month, French battery maker Verkor announced it had raised €100m from investors including Renault, Capgemini and a regional government body to finish building the pilot for its planned gigafactory.

And it’s not just batteries being produced by startups in giant factories, but other products that fit under the ‘sustainability’ umbrella.

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