Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends (And Even Family) Behind

Here’s why and the factors to consider

“You’ll end up a junkie if you don’t listen to me.”

A mentor once said this to me. I had many friends. Some good and some bad. But the people I spent the most time with took drugs.

This was their lifestyle – not mine.

I let them into my life because I wanted to be a successful DJ. The journey unfortunately starts in nightclubs. Then if you succeed there, perhaps, you can go on to play arenas and record vocals with Snoop Dog.

The trouble is nightclubs are full of drugs. It’s the #1 place people go to do them.

This thought is still not lost on me today.

Two of my friends growing up defied the odds. They formed a DJ duo and went on to become known worldwide. Yet earlier this year I bumped into one of them at an electronic music event with 10,000 people.

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