Telcos support the creation of a Digital Services Act for fairer tech markets

The DSA has the potential “to inspire a new global approach to digital markets”, ETNO and the GSMA wrote today in a joint paper. “The future of our democracies, societies and economies depends on digital ecosystems that are open, fair, competitive, and respectful of the rule of law”, they added.

The paper comes just a few hours from the deadline of the European Commission public consultation on the Digital Services Act package. In this paper, ETNO and the GSMA argue that, “on the one hand, we must address the balance between ensuring fundamental freedoms and preventing illegal and socially toxic activity online. On the other hand, we should tackle the effects of excessive market power in the digital space, taking a European perspective on practices that might unfairly disadvantage European companies and innovation”.

The joint paper tackles a range of defining tech debates, including: the review of the eCommerce Directive; principles such as country of origin, limited liability, prohibition of general monitoring obligations; regulation of digital gatekeepers, including balance between ex-ante and ex-post regulation.

Download the full paper here.



ETNO has been the voice of Europe’s telecommunications network operators since 1992 and has become the principal policy group for European electronic communications network operators. Its 40 members and observers from Europe and beyond are the backbone of Europe’s digital progress. They are the main drivers of broadband and are committed to its continual growth in Europe. ETNO brings together the main investors in innovative and high-quality e-communications platforms and services, representing 60% of total sector investment.

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