The 7 Powers Known to Tesla, Pixar, Netflix, Apple & Twilio

The universe of fundraising and vanity metrics may fool you into believing that your current performance is indicative of future success. But therein lies a logical fallacy:

Performance is a trailing indicator. Power is a leading one.

“Power” in this context is the underlying mechanism that makes your company defensible.

Look at today’s great CEOs running highly defensible companies — Jeff Lawson at Twilio ($67B market cap), Daniel Ek at Spotify ($56B), Reed Hastings at Netflix ($224B), and Patrick Collison at Stripe ($95B valuation).

They’re all practitioners of a little-known framework called “7 Powers” created by author, strategist & Stanford professor Hamilton Helmer. Helmer’s framework reveals that you can intentionally craft the conditions for persistent & durable differential returns.

In this special NFX conversation, Jeff Lawson (Co-Founder & CEO at Twilio) interviews Hamilton to analyze the 7 Powers, getting at the core question: What is it about certain businesses that keeps the force of competition away?

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