The CEOs We Need Now

From Zuckerberg to Dorsey, one thing all Tech Revolutionaries learn is that “Tear down the old system” might be a great rallying cry for building a company in the early days…but what do you do when you win?

Today with Chris Anderson (former Editor-in-Chief, WIRED) and James Currier (General Partner, NFX), we’re looking at the core problems underlying Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks as tech continues tearing down old media:

  • How could the government regulate social media when the thing they need to regulate – content – is happening in real-time, billions of times a day?
  • Follow the algorithm, not the sideshow — and why what you’re seeing in the news is a distraction, and where the real solution lies.
  • Why are several CEOs not making the transition from CEO to “Stewards of Society”as many of their predecessors did?
  • Network Problems demand Network Solutions– How can we as technologists fix problems that satisfy society yet don’t cripple businesses?

The inconvenient truth is that Silicon Valley created this situation, and it’s going to take Silicon Valley to get us out of it. Unless the few of us who know how to build these networks embrace our civic duty to be part of the solution, it won’t just be technology that suffers — it will be society.

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