The EU should abandon its deal with China’s brutal regime

The arrest today of 53 Hong Kong democrats means only one thing: no one in Hong Kong now is safe.

In the largest single mass round-up of pro-democracy politicians and activists in Hong Kong, the targets were not radical protesters but moderate democrats, pollsters and civil society activists whose only crime – if you can even call it that – was to try to hold an election.

Last summer, in preparation for the Legislative Council elections that should have been held in September, the pro-democracy camp – which consisted of several parties and factions – decided to unite and hold a primary election to streamline the selection of their candidates. At least 600,000 Hong Kongers voted. For this simple democratic act, the organisers and candidates have been charged under the draconian new National Security Law imposed on Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party regime last July.

Long gone is any pretense of the “one country, two systems” enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1997. Beijing has torn up that treaty, and with it Hong Kong’s promised rights and autonomy.

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