The European startups hacking your brain better than Elon Musk’s Neuralink

From a chip in your brain to a headset on your head — here are the European startups that are breaking the boundaries in neurotechnology.

In Part 4 of our series mapping the European startups challenging Elon Musk’s empire, we look at those which are trying to go as far or beyond the feats of Neuralink. Part 1 was about cars, Part 2 about the hyperloop and Part 3 about space.

This summer Elon Musk wowed the world when he appeared onstage with Gertrude, a pig with a coin-sized computer chip in her skull connecting her brain to a computer.

Leading the snorting animal around a pen, Musk said it was a landmark moment in the quest by his company, Neuralink, to give humans “superhuman cognition” and control machines with their minds.

The press coverage of the event — which featured a compelling mix of cute animals, sci-fi technology and Musk in hyperbolic-statement overdrive — was lavishly covered in the press from the New York Times to Le Monde and the FT.

What nobody mentioned, however, was that a little British company called Bios is doing pretty much the same thing as Neuralink — only in many respects better.

And it’s not just Bios. Other European companies such as the German CereGate and Swiss Mindmaze are outclassing Neuralink in core areas, such as understanding the language of the nervous system and helping people who suffer from neurological disorders. They just lack the marketing might (and financial firepower) of Musk.

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