The financial future of clean cement

A Morgan Stanley analysis estimates that decarbonizing cement production by midcentury would require up to $1 trillion, Ben writes.

Why it matters: Cement — the key ingredient in concrete — is a big deal from a climate standpoint, with production accounting for an estimated 7% or so of global CO2 emissions.

What they found: Efficiency gains are the biggest near-term opportunity, but that alone isn’t a roadmap to net-zero emissions, especially as volumes grow.

  • The report notes that will also require tech including carbon capture and various emerging low- and zero-carbon processes that are now in the nascent stages.
  • We’ve coveredsome of the clean cement startups in raising decent capital of late.

The bottom line: “We estimate that up to $1 trillion of capital investment could be required over the next 30 years to upgrade kilns, develop innovative products and implement carbon capture technology,” the analysts say.

Threat level: Failing to decarbonize global economies is more expensive than financing steep emissions cuts.


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