The founder’s guide to building an effective culture

Throughout the past decade, I have maniacally focused on becoming a better founder. I consumed countless books, podcasts, and blogs, on topics like startups, entrepreneurship, and leadership. My entrepreneurial journey exposed me to various roles, industries, and even several countries. The obsessive focus has paid many dividends. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work on things I thoroughly enjoy. Yet, the one area where I still feel underprepared is mastering the science and art of building an effective culture.

In my experience, nothing can compensate for the lack of a solid culture. A culture focused on shipping fast and user-centricity. Even if you somehow manage to build a great product, get good traction, and hire kickass people, that won’t be enough. If your culture shows signs of toxicity, it can poison the well, erode the well-being of your team, drive the high-performers out, and ultimately eat your strategy for breakfast.

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