The Free World vs. China and Friends: It’s ideology, stupid

US President Joe Biden’s first overseas tour, comprising the Group of Seven (G7), NATO, and United States-European Union (EU) summits, was a laudable lap of shoring up US allies in the defense of democracy, as they confront the resurgent autocracy of China and its friends Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. The transatlantic alliance, along with the Quad (the United States, India, Japan, and Australia) nations committed to a free and open Indo-Pacific, find themselves in an epochal war of ideas between democracy and autocracy. Let’s call it the Free World vs. China and Friends.

Biden deserves credit for the necessary rallying of allies around American and universal values—work that his predecessor appeared constitutionally incapable of doing, notwithstanding the tireless efforts of a few Trump administration Cabinet and sub-Cabinet officials. In American football terms, Biden has done well to get the ball to the two-yard line in rousing the Free World to advance the cause of liberty. Now he has to punch the ball into the end zone.

As China celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Biden and his team can sharpen the ideological war pitting freedom and prosperity against political control in exchange for prosperity. The US president should ensure that the transatlantic and Indo-Pacific alliances collaborate and pool resources. The recent G7 Summit, which included the guest nations of India, Australia, South Korea, and South Africa, represents the blueprint for a group of leading democracies joined by shared interests and values across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. It is in the interest of the G7 nations to formalize expanded representation prior to their next summit. The new Group of Ten (G10) should include the existing G7 plus India, Australia, and a more formal role for the European Union. Every G10 summit should invite guests from Africa and Latin America. The new G10 could thus represent the Free World.

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