The global energy transition starts with local solutions. Here’s why

-Emerging research shows the need to collectively move from clean energy ambitions to actions as rapidly as possible.

-Working at a local level is key, but communities often lack the data, analysis, capacity and resources to take action.

-We can make global progress by supporting local communities with holistic energy solutions and detailed analytics that can provide investment-ready opportunities.

The challenge is clear. In recent years, scientists have underscored the need to limit planetary warming to 1.5ºC to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. Companies are stepping up by setting ambitious clean energy goals and aligning strategies and investments to back them up.

But while the news is dominated by national policy discussions, nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and the portfolio of top-down initiatives, we must remember that the rubber meets the road at the local level – in every corner of the globe. However, communities often lack the data and analysis, as well as the capacity and resources, to take action. This is an opportunity to make a collective global impact: by supporting communities with holistic energy solutions that can move their clean energy ambitions to actions.

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