The Iniochos military exercise in Greece is bad news for Iran

Greece hosted the Iniochos 2021 military exercise in April, welcoming military forces from the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and a number of other nations. In addition to improving military readiness and strengthening the ability of the respective militaries to work together, the exercise sent an unmistakable message to Iran that it has failed to isolate Israel.

The Hellenic Air Force-led annual military exercise ran from April 12 to 22 and focused on planning and conducting a number of tactical and operational air combat missions. These included “a multitude of joint operations and air defense training to include air-to-ground strike missions, defensive counter-air and close air support,” according to the U.S. Air Force. The exercise was conducted in Greek airspace over western and central Greece as well as over the central and southeastern Aegean Sea.

To conduct this training, the participating nations brought a robust array of military aircraft. The Greek hosts utilized their F-16, F-4, and Mirage 2000 and 2000-5 fighters. The U.S. contingent included F-16s from the 31st Fighter Wing based in Aviano, Italy, KC-135 tankers based in the United Kingdom, and MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft based in Romania.

The American F-16s were busy during the exercise, dropping approximately 170 inert munitions, firing 8,300 training rounds and completing more than 200 sorties. American joint terminal attack controllers — Air Force personnel who maneuver with ground forces and coordinate close-air support — also traveled from Vilseck, Germany, to participate in the exercise and work with partner nations.

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