The Legit Way to Stop Giving a F*ck

None of us are bulletproof from giving a f*ck.

The goal isn’t to be free of f*cks. The goal is to give less f*cks away than you currently do, so life can get infinitely better.

I’m the master of this topic because I spent my whole life giving a f*ck about every little thing. But things are changing with a daughter on the way.

Here are the legit ways to stop giving a f*ck (the f*ck count is high so be prepared).


Majoring in minor things

Too many people get obsessed with trivialities.

“What time is dinner?”

“Ohhh my cupcake isn’t the same flavor I ordered.”

“You cut me off in traffic. You bastard!”

“You got paid $200 more than me last year. That’s unfair.”

“My favorite Netflix show got canceled. This is outrageous.”

These are minor things. They won’t make your life better. They’re a complete waste of mental energy to think about.

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