The most important 2021 Predictions in entertainment tech and gaming

Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of entertainment tech, gaming and commerce. But are these trends here to stay?

2020… where to start? If you look at the prediction lists of 2020, none (or at least very few), would have foreseen the chain reaction of Covid-19 to both enterprise and consumer trends. The move to remote work forced quick adoption of cloud technology and tools that were once having difficulties selling to large corporates, saw explosive growth – from Zoom to Hopin, new unicorns were born in record time.

I also believe that there was a fundamental change in consumer behaviour. From how we shop, exercise, connect with friends, get help, etc. Streaming, gaming, ecommerce increased adoption rapidly, advancing 10 years in the space of a few months.

Looking ahead at 2021, with vaccines being rolled out (slowly) in the developed world, it feels like we have a grip on what the year ahead might look like – the new normal. As a fan of prediction lists, I collected a number of interesting reports and expert forecasts for 2021 in the spaces we cover at Remagine Ventures. These include consumer trends, gaming, entertainment tech, sports and commerce.

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