The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem

This article was a collaborative, global effort among Maria João RibeirinhoJan MischkeGernot StrubeErik SjödinJose Luis BlancoRob Palter, Jonas Biörck, David Rockhill, and Timmy Andersson.

The construction industry, and its broader ecosystem, erects buildings, infrastructure, and industrial structures that are the foundation of our economies and are essential to our daily lives. It has successfully delivered ever more challenging projects, from undersea tunnels to skyscrapers. However, the industry also has performed unsatisfactorily in many regards for an extended period of time. The COVID-19 pandemic may be yet another crisis that wreaks havoc on an industry that tends to be particularly vulnerable to economic cycles.

External market factors, combined with fragmented and complex industry dynamics and an overall aversion to risk, have made change both difficult and slow. The COVID-19 crisis looks set to dramatically accelerate the ecosystem’s disruption that started well before the crisis. In such times, it is more important than ever for actors to find a guiding star for what the next normal will look like in the aftermath and make the bold, strategic decisions to emerge as a winner.

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