The Pygmalion Effect

Greek mythology, psychology, parenting, and leadership!

How to make people fulfill all your expectations!

Here’s a story from Greek mythology that will make you a better lover, manager, parent, and teacher:

Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, was a very skilled sculptor. Once he was working months and days tirelessly carving a female figurine out of marble.

When he was done, he took a step back and got submerged in the awe of his creation. The sculpture was his most beautiful creation ever — almost life-like. By the time he regained his sanity, he fell in love with her.

He named her Galatea, which meant: “she who is white like milk.”

Pygmalion would bring her gifts, shells, ornaments, birds, and flowers to charm her. He would grace her with rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and dress her up in fine silk dresses.

He would caress and kiss Galatea’s statue and spend hours talking to her. He was madly and passionately in love with a woman who could never love him back.

Impressed by his devotion to the statue, Aphrodite, goddess of sex and beauty, brought her to life. Pygmalion and Galatea married soon after.

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