The Radicalism of Turkish, Not Saudi, Schoolbooks

Mr. Erdogan’s actions at home undermine any suggestion that he is adhering to values projected by Europe and U.S. President Joe Biden.

Once upon a time, Turkey was a model of secularism with an education system that taught evolution, cultural openness and tolerance towards minorities that included Kurdish as a minority language.

Nowadays, Turkish curricula have increasingly replaced those concepts with notions of jihad, martyrdom in battle and a neo-Ottoman and pan-Turkist ethno-religious worldview, according to a just released analysis of 28 textbooks.

The report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (Impact-se), an Israeli research group, and the Henry Jackson Society in Britain, assessed recent curricula.

The report asserts that Turkish curricula now display “sympathy for the motivations of ISIS and Al-Qaeda,” focus exclusively on Sunni Muslim teachings and replace electives such as Kurdish with religious courses.

That is an astounding development for a country that is a member of NATO and that has long aspired for European Union membership, include anti-American and anti-Armenian attitudes.

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