The Surprising Secret to Greater Confidence and Impact at Work

If you’re like me, you’re emotionally fried from the last 18 months. Whether you’re doing “okay” or barely holding on, I’m sure most days you feel just as mentally exhausted, on-edge, and uninspired as the rest of us.

Keeping calm and carrying on is not working.

You can’t keep going when there’s nothing left in the tank. You need to find another tank or fill up the one you’ve got.

That’s why I want to talk to you about confidence.

No, I’m not talking about swagger. That’s not what confidence is about.

I’m talking about cultivating certainty in yourself and in the direction your life is headed.

When the world feels upside down like it does right now, you need to become your own lifeline.

You need to know — I mean really know — that you can get through whatever happens next. You need to see how to get through the overwhelm and stress. And more importantly, you need to learn how to up your resilience and double down on optimism.

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