The World’s 728 Unicorn Companies In One Infographic

Our market map visualizes the 728 private companies with billion-dollar valuations, across artificial intelligence, e-commerce, fintech, and more.

There are over 700 private companies around the world valued at $1B+, all featured on our real-time unicorn tracker. These tech startups are collectively worth over $2T and have raised a combined total of more than $485B.

Using the CB Insights database, we mapped all 728 global unicorn companies valued at $1B or more according to the primary markets in which they operate.

Global unicorn club market map

Our market map sorts unicorns into 15 categories, from auto & transportation to supply chain & logistics. Our “Other” category includes renewable energy, space tech, ad tech, and more.

Categories are not mutually exclusive and companies are sorted by primary use case. Data is as of 6/23/2021.

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