These 4 skills can make the world better after COVID-19

To handle the aftermath of COVID-19 and tackle the world’s biggest issues, we need to change the way we make decisions and become more knowledgeable about the future;

-A systemic analysis of the impact of COVID-19 in Italy highlights four skills required to face our complex world;

-Future literacy, anticipation, systems thinking and strategic foresight are increasingly essential skills.

The pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, but it is also shaking the pillars on which our society is based.

This shock to the planet has built an expectation of big changes that will lead us to a different and hopefully better world. But how should we get ready for these changes? Where should we intervene and with which priorities? What are the opportunities that we must seize and the risks to mitigate? What needs improving and what instead needs transformation?

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