These 6 skills cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence

-Mass unemployment will occur because of robotics and AI.

-Hospitality, management and creativity cannot be substituted by AI.

-We need to acquire and refine more sophisticated abilities in these areas.

The COVID-19 crisis is going to accelerate a number of changes and transformations in human society. Notably, the pandemic is expected to significantly accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is because the coronavirus crisis forced people to stay at home and minimize contact to contain the spread of infection. As a result, contactless technology will become even more widespread in society.

The technologies that will disseminate fastest are in digital transformation (DX), including online conferencing, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR), robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones and automated driving. It was the Fourth Industrial Revolution that supported the rapid development of all these technologies.

So, what are the consequences of this acceleration the Fourth Industrial Revolution caused by the coronavirus crisis?

Massive unemployment will occur because the technologies of robotics, AI, drones and automated driving that are proliferating in society in response to the crisis. This revolution will take jobs away from many workers in a variety of occupations.

Those who are engaged in simple manual work that can be replaced by technologies such as robots, drones, and automated driving will lose their jobs. However, these people can probably get new jobs by learning slightly more advanced skills in manual labour, even if their jobs are eliminated.

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