Think Bigger About Remote Work

A guest post by Adam Ozimek

I’ve written — and I still believe — that the rise of remote work triggered by the Covid pandemic will end up changing the way we produce things in the modern world. It has the potential to do for white-collar industries what electricity did for factory jobs — to distribute production to less costly places and allow more flexibility in job tasks. But for any of this to happen, remote work has to actually live up to the hype in terms of adoption.

So I asked my friend Adam Ozimek to write about the future of remote work, since he’s done plenty of research on the subject. Adam is the chief economist at the Economic Innovation group (a think tank whose founder I interviewed a year ago). Before that, he was an economist at Moody’s Analytics. He also co-wrote the popular econ blog Modeled Behavior, with Karl Smith. He tweets at @modeledbehavior.

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