This is all I know

You give it all you got.

More times than not, it won’t be enough.

When it’s not, you sulk a bit.

You blot the sweat from your brow.

You knock the dust from your trousers.

You wipe the blood from your nose.

You lick your wounds like a dog not yet dead.

You pour yourself a glass of something strong.

You get yourself some dinner.

It never tastes as good as the days you’ve won.

But, that’s to be expected.

You get yourself some rest.

You shut your eyes.

You wake up the next day.

You give it all you got, again.

Not because you think you’ll win.

More times than not, you know you won’t.

You give it all you got, again…

Because this is all you know.

By Cole Schafer.


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