This is how much physical activity we all need to stay healthy

-The World Health Organization has published new guidelines on the amount of physical activity needed to stay healthy.

-Estimates indicate that over a quarter of adults and around 81% of adolescents don’t meet the 2010 WHO recommendations.

-New guidance has been added for pregnant women and adults with disabilities.

If you’re reading this from your sofa, the World Health Organization’s latest guidelines might make you rethink your position.

With people across the world spending more of their time at home than usual this year, the WHO reminds us that exercise has become even more important for physical and mental wellbeing.

According to the WHO, four to five million deaths per year could be averted if the global population was more physically active. Estimates indicate that 27.5% of adults and 81% of adolescents currently do not meet the 2010 WHO recommendations, with almost no improvements seen during the past decade.

There are also inequalities, with girls and women being less active than boys and men in most countries. And there are significant differences in levels of physical activity between higher and lower economic groups, and between countries and regions.

The WHO’s new guidelines on staying fit and healthy through physical activity are broken down by age group.

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