Transportation during the pandemic: What is considered safe?

COVID-19 continues to disrupt shared modes of transportation—subways, buses, taxis, and ride sharing—as concerns about air quality and viral infections linger. This has far-reaching implications for manufacturers and transportation providers and the fiscal health of public transportation systems, with the constraints sending economic ripples through businesses, retail, and indeed entire cities. Commuters’ concerns also could affect companies’ reopening plans.

To compare how consumers of different nationalities, incomes, and genders viewed their commuting choices at different points during the first few months of the pandemic, McKinsey conducted five waves of the same survey questions in seven countries. The results show that trust in public transportation and ride hailing has declined in all seven countries. At the same time, societies are seeking safe solutions to help boost the use of these shared modes of transport; reduce emissions, pollution, and congestion; and restore affordable transportation to everyone. The survey also identifies which safety measures matter to various groups of consumers.

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Πηγή: McKinsey

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