Trump’s Dangerous War on Science

In his approach to science, Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of autocrats of the past. Will the result be similarly disastrous for the United States — and the rest of the world as well?

Long before the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the world has known that Donald Trump has been playing fast and loose with science. Never mind that the U.S. President has no formal training in the field – and not even a lay person’s knowledge of popular science.


A purposeful denier

Despite not being a scientist, Trump is a climate change denier. He has repeatedly called it a hoax and even declared it had been devised by the Chinese to impede U.S. economic growth.

He has also incorrectly claimed that wind turbines cause cancer, slaughter birds and, anyway, trigger blackouts when there is no wind. Under his leadership, U.S. government agencies have stopped referring to climate change and no longer fund research in this area.

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