Turkey’s foreign minister salutes the Armenian genocide

More than a century ago, Ottoman Turks deliberately rounded up and murdered more than a million Armenians.

While some historians have argued that the deaths were due to the fog of war, evidence is overwhelming that the design and goal of the slaughter were deliberate. Other Turks parry discussion of the murder of more than a million Armenians by pointing out that Turks also suffered grievously in the Balkans. This is neither here nor there, though, as it is not relevant to the question about the deliberate extermination of eastern Anatolia’s Armenian population. Almost no one, the most ardent Turkish nationalists excepted, denies the deaths even if they deny the genocide.

Given how relatively recent the murders were — most Armenians have grandparents, if not parents, who suffered the tragedy — it takes certain pathological sociopathy to mock the genocide. However, this is what Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu did during an official visit to Uruguay. While departing the Turkish Embassy, Cavusoglu flashed the sign of the Grey Wolves at protesters of Armenian descent. The provocation embarrassed Uruguay, whose president demanded an explanation.

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